New Generation Heroes opens in Cinemas on October 4

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan

Celebrate World Teachers day by watching New Generation Heroes tomorrow.

It’s a story about four individuals: a retired teacher, a public school teacher, a Filipino ESL teacher in South Korea, and a teacher who teach reading and writing to street children.

Starring Ms. Aiko Melendez and veteran actress Ms. Anita Linda. Other casts include Jao Mapa, International Fashion Designer Joyce Peñas, Dexter Doria, Gloria Sevilla, Rob Sy and Debraliz Valasote. The movie was shot in the Philippines and in South Korea. It’s directed by advocacy director, Anthony Hernandez.

Since this is a celebration, we are very pleased to inform you that everyone with PRC IDs are entitled to a 30% ticket price discount.

New Generation Heroes is a nationwide commercial release happening exclusively in all SM Cinemas beginning October 4, 2017 and will run for one whole week.



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