5 Reasons why you should watch this sexy- comedy play, “Solo Para Adultos”

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan

Solo Para Adultos or ‘SPA‘ is a three-act play starring April “Congratulations” Gustilo, Andres Vasquez, Vivo Ouano, Tori Garcia, and John Raspado. The play is about five complicated characters who are all victims of a cruel world and the creative minds behind the pornographic film ‘Solo Para Adultos’ (‘For Adults Only’ in English).

Here are 5 Reasons why you should watch Solo Para Adultos:

(1) It will spice up your night (or, probably, laugh out loud)

From the title itself, you’ll know that their would be a bit of nudity and sexy scenes in an entire play. Also, they tackle some mature themes like sex, pornography, and foul language.  Despite all this, you can’t help it to laugh out loud for their witty green jokes.


(2) This is April “Congratulations” Gustilo, Vivo Ouano, Tori Garcia, and John Raspado’s first stage play

From the start, the four lead actors are not known to act on stage, but not because this is their first time doesn’t mean they can’t.

April Gustilo made a name via ABS-CBN 2’s noontime game as the dancing ‘congratulations’ girl in 2009 and eventually appeared on several shows on TV5 and GMA-7.

After being a part of GMA-7’s StarstruckVivo Ouano appeared in a teen-oriented drama called ‘POSH’ and other shows like Bakekang and Wildflower.

Tori Garcia had a stint on ‘Wowowin’ (2016) on GMA-7. She was a semi-regular cast member on TV5’s ‘Wattpad’(2016) and GMA-7’s ‘Juan Happy Love Story’ (2017). Her latest projects are AngGurong Di Marunong MagbasaKamandag ng Droga, Durugin ang Droga, and an international film titled, Live in Manila. 

John Raspado is a professional online marketing executive and entrepreneur. He was the I Am Pogay grand champion on ABS-CBN 2’s Showtime in 2014; and the reigning Mr. Gay World 2017.

Solo Para Adultos Tori Garcia

(3) Singapore’s Sweetheart, Tori Garcia, will play two roles

According to Tori, she’ll play two roles: the lead character, Georgina and a minor lesbian character named Suzy. The Scandal Queen, Georgina plans to steal Veronica‘s (played by April) spotlight in their upcoming pornographic film. On the other hand, Suzy is a blonde-hair tomboy who’s linked to Veronica’s past.

April, Vivo and John

(4) #LoveWins

Suzy is not the only gay character in the play. Vivo Ouano and John Raspado play as a closet gay lovers. The press asked Vivo about his experience with John who’s a homosexual man in real life “Nung una, medyo nailang talaga ako [kay John Raspado]. Pero habang tumatagal, habang nagre-rehearse kami, nagiging komportable na rin,” (At first, I was a bit hesitate, but after several rehearsals, I’m become more comfortable with him) said Vivo.


(5) For one night only

For now, it will be premiere on Friday, October 20 only, at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan. You only have one chance to watch this play.

Solo Para Adultos is written by AJ RollonJames Golla and Alejandro ‘Bong’ Ramos; produced by Yuan Barron Ho, and the lovable production manager, Domingo Almoete. It was produced by Red Lantern Productions. Only few tickets left, reserve now. Call @ Ticket World at 891.9999 or buy it online.

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