By popular demand: ‘Solo Para Adultos’ will return onstage in February 2018

throy Catan

Ni: Throy Catan

THE schedule of the smash hit play, Solo Para Adultos has been announced. According to the organizer of the said play,  SPA will return on February 10th and 17th next year. It will be held at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan.

This is  the result of positive feedbacks from the audience. During the premiere last October 20th, people were lined up at the Music Museum to watch this daring-comedy play. They were all entertained and applaud on every actors’ punchlines (and dirty jokes).


The play is about five complicated characters who are all victims of a cruel world, and they also the casts in a pornographic film. The play, according to the director Alejandro ‘Bong’ Ramos, was based on Pedro Almodovar’s unconventional films.

We would like to thank Red Lantern Productions thru boss Jojo Barron, Direk Alejandro Mirasol Ramos, sir Domingo Almoete,

For more information about the play, visit their official Facebook page.


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