2 civilians, dead in Mandaluyong police shooting

Two people are dead during the shooting incident happened around 10:25 p.m. along Shaw Boulevard, Thursday evening, December 28.

According to the witness,  two people were killed and two more were hurt.
“At least two people were killed and two more are in critical condition after police mistakenly opened fire at a vehicle that was transporting an injured woman to the hospital.

“One of the men died on the spot, the woman (Jocelyn Ambaon), who was previously injured died after being rushed to the hospital.”

Before the incident, the barangay tanods followed Ambaon and others, thinking they were involved in the shooting, and relayed the same information to the police. The miscommunication appeared to have led to the shootout.

This Friday morning, December 29, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said that the incident will be investigated. “[The] matter will be investigated fully even if there appears to be excessive force utilized by police authorities. It’s also proper that policemen involved have been disarmed and their movements restricted”

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