The inspirational story of Romano Vasquez

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan

romano vasquez2


IN the 90’s, Romano Vasquez was a well-known matinee idol. He started as a stage actor before he entered show business. One of his first show is the youth-oriented show, That’s Entertainment.

In 1997, he joined a boy band named, Quamo who popularized the song Sumpa Ko, a Tagalog version of I Swear. He’s also one of the Regal Babies under the management of Mother Lily Monteverde. One of his notable teen movies are First Time Like a Virgin and Titser’s Enemy No. 1.


Not long ago, he became part of a movie sex-trip film titled Ma’am Turuan Mo Ako. This was the start of his career as a sexy actor, but it didn’t last long. After that, he went to Japan as a host-o or host in English.

Fortunately, he was successful in Japan, and earned PHP 1.5 Million for his dream house. Despite his success, he went back to the Philippines for his showbiz comeback, but he didn’t get any projects and he spent all of his money he earned.


Romano started using drugs and became friends to the people he thought he could trust. There’s a point in his life that he became homeless and lived in the streets.

One day, a good Samaritan recognized him and she let him stayed in her house with her family. He lived there for almost a year until he was kicked out because of his drug addiction. After this, he called his father as a last resort. Romano entered a drug rehab as his father’s request, and fortunately it went well.


Romano met his wife Alma in a bar in Manila. She’s also convinced him to get a job as a singer/entertainer in a very popular gay bar in Manila. They‘ve been together ever since. They’re now living together with their kids in a subdivision in Parañaque.


His life is falling into place. When his first child was born, he dreamed to become rich for the future of his child. Romano started working for JC Premiere Business International Inc., a networking company that specialized in food cart business, and other health related products. As an active member, he received travel incentives from the company and went to several destinations like Singapore, Phuket, and Seoul. He also admitted that because of JC Premiere, he got his very own Mustang.

He’s now one of the most in-demand motivational speaker at JC Premiere Business International Inc.

Despite his current success, he admitted that he really missed show business, and he wants to come back. Currently, he’s one of the talents of Production 56, Inc., a production house and talent company owned and managed by director Maryo J. Delos Reyes. He also has a solo album intriguingly entitled Chicken Adobo produced, arranged, mixed and composed by Mandi Ferrer. The album contains five tracks including Hindi na MawawalayPaano ko Kayo Mapapaligayang LahatMuli at MuliIto ang Nararamdaman Ko, and of course, Chicken Adobo.

Chicken Adobo is now available on Spotify and iTunes

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