Vice Ganda at Anne Curtis, tampok sa January issue ng Mega Magazine

throy Catan

Ni: Throy Catan

BONGGA ang It’s Showtime hosts na sina Vice Ganda at Anne Curtis-Heusaff dahil tampok silang dalawa bilang cover sa Mega magazine sa unang issue nito ngayong 2018.

Kapwa nag-post sa kani-kanilang mga Instagram account sina Anne at Vice na naging mas maingay pa ang mga pangalan noong 2017. Bago matapos ang taon 2017 nagpakasal si Anne na sa kanyang boyfriend na si Erwan Heussaff sa New Zealand habang si Vice Ganda naman ay muling bumida sa pelikulang GandaRappido: the Revengers Squad na box-office sa takilya na hanggang nagyon ay humahataw sa takilya at marami nakuhang parangal bilang komedyante at host.

Sa post ni Vice: Gandarra X Dyosa. MEGA January Issue.

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Gandarra X Dyosa MEGA January Issue

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And it’s out ❤️ Our first cover together. 👯‍♀️ Be sure to grab a copy of this months MEGA Magazine with my sissy and I on the cover 💋. . It has been said that when two or more are gathered in a name then great things are sure to come to fruition, especially in an industry that thrives in pitting people against each other in the name of excitement and entertainment. But in the keen interest of starting the year on the right lane, we are swerving right into it and putting two of the biggest names in show business today to front our opening salvo for the year. With new chapters and phases on their respective horizons, Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda join forces in an effort to redefine the beauty standard of today, as well as to reinforce the importance of holding on to dreams. Starting the year on promising grounds, we follow the two as they map out a year they intend to claim and own as their own. The revelations carry on in our fashion, beauty and lifestyle sections, where we lift the veil on things we thought we already knew by heart. Exploring deeper and more meaningful efforts, this is the year we aim to make things matter. This isn't just your typical new year, new you cliché. In the year that is to unfold, we hope for nothing else but for a bigger, better and bolder you. Download the FLIP100 app via the App Store or Google Play. Art Direction JANN PASCUA. assisted by TANYA MALLILLIN. Text ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA Fashion Direction JEB FRONDA Styling CESSI TREÑAS assisted by STEFFI SOLANO. Beauty Direction TRINA EPILEPSIA BOUTAIN. Makeup ARCHIE VALENCIA (Vice Ganda) and ROBBIE PIÑERA (Anne Curtis) Hairstylist BUERN RODRIGUEZ (Vice Ganda) and RAYMOND SANTIAGO (Anne Curtis). Nail Care REJUVA NAILSPA AND SKINCARE (Vice Ganda) and POSH NAILS HAND AND FOOT SPA (Anne Curtis). Shoot Coordination JUSTINE NIDO. Shoot Assistant JAY ANNE AGUIRRE. Special thanks to KATE VALENZUELA, OLIVE ZARATE, JAN BARIUAD and AARON MANGSAT (Vice Ganda) and WARREN DIMEN and VIVA ARTISTS AGENCY INC. (Anne Curtis) #CelebrateMEGAwithAnneVice #AnneCurtis #ViceGanda

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Hindi naman nagpahuli sa pagpo- post  si Anne Curtis: And it’s out ❤️ Our first cover together. 👯‍♀️ … Be sure to grab a copy of this months MEGA Magazine with my sissy and I on the cover 💋.

Masaya ang dalawa dahil unang taon pa lang ay may pasabog na silang natanggap na biyaya.

Samantala, Mababasa ang panayam sa kanila ng Mega mag na nakasentro sa kanilang mga plano ngayong 2018.



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