Sherlock Holmes is getting a female-led reboot and BBC Sherlock fans are freaking out

THIS 2018, there will be two upcoming Sherlock Holmes reboots. One of them is GMA’s Sherlock Jr. starring Ruru Madrid as a blind detective named Sherlock “Jack” Calubaquib Jackson Jr. However, the most talk about reboot is Miss Sherlock.

Miss Sherlock is an eight-part drama set in modern-day Tokyo, unlike its predecessors where it was set in London. Both lead characters played by Japanese women – Yuko Takeuchi (Strawberry Night) as Sherlock and Shihori Kanjiya (The Snow White Murder Case) as Watson (or Dr Wato Tachibana). The show was produced by HBO Asia and Hulu Japan.

After the released of the trailer, people couldn’t help comparing it to BBC One’s Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange, Imitation Game) as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit trilogy, FX’s Fargo) as Dr. John Watson.

According to the fans, Miss Sherlock has the same vibe as its British counterpart, particularly, Yuko’s performance appearing to capture the same aura of manic amoral genius that Benedict brought to the BBC version.

Here are the comments from the fans:

sherlock commentsMiss Sherlock will premiere in over 20 countries in April 2018.


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