Tori Garcia receives positive comments from Ernie Garcia about her acting skills

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan27950834_1850630614949145_1332531844_o

AUDIENCE went out from the theater with a smile on their faces after they watched a play titled, Solo Para Adultos. It was a sexy-comedy play held last Saturday, February 10, at the Music Museum.

Hundreds of people gathered to watch this sexy, but funny 3-act play. Some audience are from the people of the press, and well-known people in showbiz. One of them was Ernie Garcia.

Ernie approached Tori Garcia to tell her about her incredible portrayal as a scandalous starlet named Georgina. “You did a great job on stage. I like the way you portray your character. ” He said.

ernie garcia

Ernie is one of the people who notice Tori’s acting prowess. Audience who approached Tori for a selfie were surprised on how different her personality and her voice on stage and in person. “Ay, akala ko ganoon ang boses mo. Medyo mababa pala.” said a lady. Her character, Georgina, has a high-pitch childish voice.

Tori posted her message to Ernie, and thank the veteran actor for his nice words. “Being told by a veteran actor that you did a great job in acting out your character really warms my heart. Thank you so much. Once again congratulations we got through it team SOLO PARA ADULTOS.” she said.

Aside from Tori, Solo Para Adultos was also top billed by  Vivo OuanoApril “Congratulations” Gustilo, John Raspado and Andres Vasquez. Also starring in this play are Brylle Mondejar, Dodi Dizon, Mosang, Abet Raz, Genesis Gallios, Racing Chat, Ezequiel Hontiveros, Tina Dela Cruz, at Neil Suarez.

It is written by AJ RollonJames Golla and Alejandro ‘Bong’ Ramos; produced by Yuan Barron Ho, and production manager, Domingo Almoete.

There will be upcoming shows nationwide, including Baguio, Davao, and Cebu. For more information about Solo Para Adultos, visit their official Facebook page.

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