Jomar Bautista as Antonio Luna in “Obra ni Juan”

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan

jomar bautista

JOMAR Bautista started at a very young age as part of the ensemble in the various Philippine Stagers Foundation plays, including Namaste: Ang Makulay na Buhay ni Gandhi, Troy Avenue, Enzo… Santo, Joe: A Filipino Rockssical, and Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela. “I’ve been in PSF for 15 years. I started as a child actor” he said.

In 2015, Jomar received his biggest break as he alternated in the title role for #Popepular. After that, he landed a lead role in last year’s Katips and mga Bagong Katipunero. “My favorite role is Panyong from Katips ang mga Bagong Katipunero. I got my first nomination there in the Aliw Awards.”

Now, he’s portraying an important role as Antonio Luna in Obra ni Juan. For him, portraying the great general is very challenging. “The challenging role I had is Antonio Luna, because there had been a movie interpretation and that people tend to try to him better because of his popularity.” He replied.

In his 15 years as an actor, I can’t help it to ask if he does have a dream role. “My dream role is a role that would want to make my quit acting. I have no particular person, but I hope this makes sense.” he laughed.


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