Andres Vasquez is once again performing on stage for “Solo Para Adultos”

Character actor and former Protégé contestant, Andres Vasquez, is once again performing on stage with Tori Garcia, April "Congrats" Gustilo, Andres Vasquez and John Raspado...


John Raspado is one of the cast of a sexy-comedy play, “Solo Para Adultos”, October 20, at the Music Museum

After he became the Grand Winner of I Am PoGay of It's Showtime (ABS-CBN) and recently winning Mr. Gay World 2017 in Spain, John Raspado will perform in a sexy-comedy play titled "Solo Para Adultos". He will portray the lead role of JV San Miguel, a closeted gay actor who will be involved with an aspiring actor, Alfred (Vivo Ouano). Will they be together at the end or Alfred will choose to reunite with his ex-girlfriend, Veronica Fox (April “Congrats” Gustillo)?

Let’s talk about love, sex, and fame in this new play titled “Solo Para Adultos” (For Adults Only) on October 20, 8 PM at the Music Museum

Will there be real love between complicated individuals? That’s the question that we’re going to unfold in this newest sexy-comedy play titled ‘Solo Para Adultos’ (‘For Adults Only’ in English)...