Sexy-comedy play “Solo Para Adultos” is a huge success!

ONCE again, the smash-hit, three-act play, Solo Para Adultos, was a success. It was held last night, February 10, at the Music Museum in San Juan. Hundreds of people gathered to watch this daring play that talks about love, sex, fame, and even morality... 

Have an early Valentine’s Day treat from the cast of “Solo Para Adultos”

CAN'T wait for Valentine's Day? Celebrate it early, and watch the hottest play this love season, Solo Para Adultos. April "Congratulations" Gustilo, Vivo Ouano, John Raspado, Andres Vasquez, and Singapore Sweetheart Tori Garcia are back to spice up your night on February 10, 8 PM, at The Music Museum. 

Let’s talk about sex, love, and fame with April Gustilo, and Vivo Ouano in Solo Para Adultos

APRIL Gustilo, and Vivo Ouano proved that they already have guts to perform onstage even though Solo Para Adultos was their first play. Now, SPA will return onstage in February. This is  the result of positive feedbacks from the audience. Audience were all entertained and applaud on every actors’ punchlines (and dirty jokes)...

5 Reasons why you should watch this sexy- comedy play, “Solo Para Adultos”

Solo Para Adultos or 'SPA' is a three-act play starring April "Congratulations" Gustilo, Andres Vasquez, Vivo Ouano, Tori Garcia, and John Raspado. The play is about five complicated characters who are all victims of a cruel world and the creative minds behind the pornographic film ‘Solo Para Adultos’ (‘For Adults Only’ in English)...

April “Congrats” Gustilo, Vivo Ouano and John Raspado in their most daring act ever in “Solo Para Adultos”.

Last Saturday, the casts of Solo Para Adultos were in the press conference answering questions from the press. April "Congrats" Gustilo, John Raspado, and Vivo Ouano admitted that Solo Para Adultos is their first stage production. April Gustilo was known as a dancer on a hit variety show, Wowowee; Vivo Ouano was one of the cast of ABS-CBN's Wildflower; and John Raspado is the reigning Mr. Gay World. The other two casts are Singapore Sweetheart, Tori Garcia and Andres Vasquez.